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Islamic Financing Solutions

BaytMal is enabling entrepreneurs to finance their projects and ideas using Islamic finance tools including MURABAHA,TAWWARUQ and SUKUK.

Validated Investment opportunities

BaytMal is posting projects which has solid feasibility study certified from third party in addition to validation by our consultants.

Supporting Creative Thinking

BaytMal is encouraging great ideas from great people who can prove new concepts to be implemented and be feasible and profitable.

Contributing to economic Development

BaytMal is welcoming strategic projects to be funded through specialized tools and mechanism including BOOT, and SUKUK options.

Online hub with back office operations

BaytMal provides trusted legal & financial support service to complete financing transactions between any two parties across the world.

Global Partnerships

BaytMal is welcoming strategic partnerships with all parties involved in investment including funds, angle investors, family offices, consultants , advisory & regulatory boards.

Strategic Partners

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