Aircraft Maintenance Facility in Jordan

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Description: Expanding existing facility for aircraft maintenance

Type of Financing Needed: Mudarabah

Type of Business: Maintenance Service

Country of company registration: Jordan

Profit Allowed against financing amount: 10%

Payback Period: 7 Years

Average Yearly Revenues during first 3 years US Dollars: 96 M

Average Yearly Net Profit during first 3 years US Dollars: 11.6 M

Competitive Advantages: International License to operate high quality maintenance facility. And secured long term maintenance agreements.

Financing / Investment Purpose: Expanding maintenance facilities and equipment

Location of the project: Jordan

Major Spending of financing / investment: Buying equipment , covering operating capital, Buying a service, Renting a property

Project total investment Value in US Dollars: 30 M

Payback Guarantees: guaranteed contracts, mortgage of factory assets

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