Development of innovative industrial Complex associated with agriculture project using electromagnetic tech in Russia

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Description: The project envisages the implementation of a full cycle of works that includes the acquisition of real estate and its reconstruction, the facilities and the expansion of the planned capacity of the production. The commissioning of the plant for the production of complexes “EME” is intended for fuel modification and for work in agriculture and their installation. For the production of “EME” it is proposed, in the framework of the project, to acquire a real estate in Moscow and to modernize it. There, one has the necessary manpower resources with appropriate qualifications.

Type of Financing Needed: Musharaka

Type of Business: Farming

Country of company registration: Russia

Return Of Investment ROI: 56%

Average Yearly Revenues during first 3 years US Dollars: 50 M

Average Yearly Net Profit during first 3 years US Dollars: 27 M

Competitive Advantages: Exclusive rights technologies, low operating cost and using latest innovations in agriculture and industrial developments.

Financing / Investment Purpose: Creating new business

Location of the project: Russia

Required Investment Value US Dollars: 100 M

Major Spending of financing / investment: Research and Development,Buying equipment or furniture,Buying raw materials,Buying a land,Renting Equipment,Covering operational expenses.

Project total investment Value in US Dollars: 100 M

Proposed share % against investment value: 70%

Founder’s Contribution: Knowhow, Business Goodwill, Strategic sourcing, Intellectual Property, Management and sales network

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