Dish Crashing Entertainment Project in Dubai

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Description: This is a unique opportunity to be a partner with an amazing fun and entertainment activity of its first kind in Dubai. When you are feeling tired, stressed out and need something to get out of this, our activity to help a lot.

Type of Financing Needed: Mudarabah

Country of company registration: United Arab Emirates

Profit Allowed against financing amount: 20%

Financing Period: 3 Years

Average Yearly Revenues during first 3 years US Dollars: 3.5 M

Average Yearly Net Profit during first 3 years US Dollars: 0.98 M

Competitive Advantages: Unique new concept in Dubai.

Financing / Investment Purpose: Developing new business

Location of the project: Dubai

Major Spending of financing / investment: Buying equipment , covering operating capital, Buying a service, Renting a property

Financing Value in US Dollars: 10 M

Payback the financing: Profitable business, growing trend, coming Expo 2020 Event that can guarantee sustainable revenues.

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