We believe that innovation is NOT restricted to technology and science. Innovation in management and leadership can have greater impact. Companies shall encourage their managers and leaders to innovative in their own business, and then lead the business. There shall be clear path to develop and accept innovation in organizations that would improve performance and achieve goals. We always recommend internal interactive workshops that will create interest & unleash thinking of the leaders, and then refresh their experience with latest management techniques and share with them best practices. We can call it Innovation KAIZEN sessions. We believe KNOWLEDGE is not something you give; it is something you gain by combining the INTEREST, THINKING AND LEARNING. To utilize KNOWLEDGE, you need to practice what you learned. Based on our philosophy, the best place to practice KNOWLEDGE is your work place. So, it is important that companies facilitate for owners of innovated ideas to implement it or at least test in same organization. This will always encourage others to follow and definitely will create what we call Innovative Thinking Environment inside the organization. If we look at leaders around the world , we find that most of them started with innovated ideas like FACEBOOK or APPLE or became leaders because they continuous innovating like TOYOTA. It is time to INNOVATE to LEAD.Tagged with: ,