Comprehensive Food Security Project in Croatia

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Description: Development & integrated farming, diary, meat, and energy production units

Type of Financing Needed: Mudaraba

Type of Business: Agriculture, production, marketing

Country of company registration: Croatia

Return Of Investment ROI: 27%

Average Yearly Revenues during first 3 years US Dollars: 110 M

Average Yearly Net Profit during first 3 years US Dollars: 27 M

Founder’s Contribution: Land from Government Off-take Agreements for energy

Competitive Advantages: Land availability, no tax deal, high demand worldwide

Financing / Investment Purpose: Creating new business

Location of the project: Croatia

Required Investment Value US Dollars: 100 M

Major Spending of financing / investment: Complete Development & Management

Project total investment Value in US Dollars: 100 M

Proposed share % against investment value: 70%

Investment Feasibility:

  • Land availability at almost zero cost from government
  • Government guaranteed purchase of power generated from Bio energy
  • Big and growing demand for food products worldwide
  • Close to very strong European market with easy customs access

Application of investment amount:

As per the above picture  

Sales & Marketing Plan:

Assigning agents worldwide EU government supplies

Owner Information:

  • 4 years old Investment Company with leading Croatian businessmen
  • Well connected with Croatian Government, secured the license and land
  • Company registered in UAE, Dubai

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