Strategic Container Freight Station with bulk storage and warehousing facility in Kenya

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Description: Facility comprises of 8 storey office block, fire station, banking halls, restaurant, conferencing facilities, customer service center, container yard area for 13,500 containers at any one time, bulk ware housing facilities for 400,000 Tons at any one time etc..

Type of Financing Needed: Sukuk

Type of Business: Logistics and Supply Chain

Country of company registration: Kenya

Financing Period: 10 Years

Average Yearly Revenues during first 3 years US Dollars: 127 M

Average Yearly Net Profit during first 3 years US Dollars: 28 M

Founder’s Contribution: Management

Return On Investment (ROI): 43%

Proposed profit percentage for financing amount: 2%

Competitive Advantages: – Proximity to Port of Mombasa, Kenya – Custom built as a world class CFS (Container Freight Station) and Bulk Storage Warehousing facility – Automated operations with highest standards IT innovation – The only CFS to provide a one stop solution with customs officials, banks located inside the project facility – 63% market share in bulk handling through Port of Mombasa – 11.8% market share among CFS – Advantage of in house clearing and transport solutions by Group Companies.

Financing / Investment Purpose: Restructuring existing business for better performance

Location of the project: Mombasa, Kenya

Required Financing Value US Dollars: 125 M

Payback the Financing: Sustainable profitable operation as demonstrated in the Business Plan attached. Yearly repayment of principal over 10 years and yearly profit sharing as per mutual agreement.

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